Preparing for Pipe Lining Sewer Repair

Long before your pipe lining project begins, we are hard at work taking care of the important but unseen details that are essential to ensure your project goes smoothly.

To prepare for your pipe lining project, we:

  • Perform a Follow-up Site Visit to do a Detailed Evaluation, Including a Camera/Video Inspection and Analysis

  • Fully Review the Process With You, The Homeowner

  • Secure All Necessary Materials

  • Arrange For All Required City Permits and Inspections

  • Plan for Parking, Access to Work Area, and Debris Removal

  • Protect Driveway, Walks, Walls, and Floors From Damage

Getting Ready to Complete the Pipe Lining Project

On the day of your pipe lining service, we will have to complete several steps to prepare the site before we can access your sewer line.

To get your sewer ready for pipe lining, we:

  • 1. Clean the line using a cable machine or high-pressure water jet

  • 2. Record a detailed digital video inspection

  • 3. Confirm the measurements of your lateral at several key points using the camera cable

  • 4. Calculate, measure, and prepare all resin volumes and ratios

Preparing the Pipe Liner

Once those steps are complete, we can begin the pipe lining process.

To complete the pipe lining sewer repair, we:

  • 1. Cut the tubular pipe liner to size and fill it with epoxy resin.

  • 2. Load the pipe liner into a high pressure inversion unit and insert it through a single access point.

  • 3. Insert a steam bladder and pressurize it to form, heat and cure the new “pipe in a pipe.”

  • 4. Remove the bladder and inspect and document the new liner for your records and peace of mind.