We believe
in our people.

We believe
in our people.

Atherton Plumbing is uniquely different from other service companies in greater Dayton and takes a great deal of personal and professional pride in our teamwork approach to solving your issues.

We hire, train and mentor highly-skilled employees

50+ and growing
committed to excellence.

From technicians and customer service reps that interface with customers, to back-office operations managers, inventory specialists, master plumbers and training experts who support them, you’re in good hands with our team. Our employees:

  • undergo full technical-skill assessments
  • complete training programs
  • complete background checks and drug screenings
  • are trained in safety, courtesy and cleanliness
  • wear professional uniforms and booties
  • follow updated health and safety practices
  • have photo IDs handy
  • follow OSHA guidelines
  • respect you, your property and your time